Do you want to dive for the first time?

Have you ever dreamed of being underwater? Would you like to try Discover Scuba Dive?

Silence, peace, freedom from gravity... These are the emotions that you will feel while you are scuba diving in addition to many more tranquilizing feelings.
If you did not try before you might have questions like “is it expensive?”, “is it dangerous?”. No, it is neither expensive nor dangerous activity and no, it is not difficult. As the first time diver, you will have half an hour briefing. Afterwards the only thing that you will need to do is breath and enjoy. Our divemaster will do everything for you. We will hold your hand and take you to a new world: Underwater.
Discover Scuba Dive is done on the safest levels underwater. It is safer than walking on the street. It is done one by one with a divemaster to make you feel safe and comfortable underwater. Call us today to open a new window in your life and enjoy the daily tour with Virazon.