Barakuda Bodrum Dive Center

Barakuda Bodrum Dive Center offers PADI and CMAS Scuba diving trainings and daily diving tours in Bitez Marina, Bodrum - Turkey operating on legendary boat Virazon.

Barakuda Bodrum Difference

Until 2015 we were living a typical city life in İstanbul and doing scuba dives on our vacations. We dreamed of a diving boat… First we began to talk about an ideal diving boat for us. What do we want on a diving boat? What kind of a diving boat will be comfortable for us? In time we have realized that we have invested a variety of ideas about a diving dream boat.

We have dived in different cities in Turkey, we tried a lot of different diving boats. We dived in different countries and try to understand what else is available on a diving boat.

We were not very critical actually, we were just looking for more comfort. After a good diving day, we have discussed what could be done better on a diving boat.

Sometimes we did such a great diving, we thought we can live there forever. In some diving vacations we were so unhappy, we have cut off our vacation and we didn’t dive for a while due to the bad experience.

With all these experiences we designed our dream diving boat on our head. We think that our satisfaction will make you happy too.

On the other sections you will find diving in Bodrum, our boat and equipment. Some topics that we especially care of are:


On the sea there is nothing as comfortable as you own home. Limited fresh water, in crowded groups restroom lines are disturbing but we have clean, modern and comfortable toilets. Our toilets are cleaned a couples of times during the day.

Non-Crowded Boat

We have limited our guest number to 20-25. Although our capacity is more than 40, we want you to feel comfortable and with a limited number of guest, we will have more time to make you enjoy your day.


We enjoy eating our lunch on a porcelain plate. We enjoy healthy food with fresh ingredients. We cannot thing anything else for you too.


We want you to feel in a group of friends who you have not seen for a long time even if you are a first time visitor. When it comes to diving, we want you feel safe with a team of experienced, serious and knowledgeable professionals.

Let me tell you a secret: it is all about a perfect journey not only great diving.

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